The Fairy Shop’s first 2 months at Palmyra Junction Retrospective


We have been very busy fairies since our launch on the 15th of December. We have reconnected with friends, made new friends and  met so many beautiful little fairies at our new shop at Palmyra Junction. Our dresses have been flying off the rails and I must say the little fairies wearing them have been a fantastic ad for our range as each one looked absolutely gorgeous. Please send us photos of yourselves in our dresses so they can see we are not exaggerating!


We have also been part of quite a few bridal parties as we have been dressing flower girls. We made our butterfly dress in purple with silver butterflies for a Valentines Day wedding. They looked so lovely that we are going to repeat them in the shop, so keep a lookout. We are also waiting for more wedding photos to post.

Cal Volks and her two beautiful little fairies  :)


We did a great photo shoot, which turned into an adventure with a wild strawberry hunt.






Who would have thought that fairy dresses are perfect for adventuring and exploring in the forest?

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